Various Forms of Drywall Repair 

Over time, your drywall will start to wear inevitably. However, this does not mean that you’ve got to live with unnecessary holes or marks in your walls. For those who don’t know, you can still fix your damaged drywall. This depends greatly on the type of damage and the severity of the damage as well.  


There are a lot of drywall companies out there that offer drywall repair. If you want to fix that damage on your drywall, you should first know the common forms of drywall damage.  

Here are some of the most popular drywall damage that requires drywall repair Fort Collins: 

Water Damage 

Water damage in your drywall is very serious. You’ve got to quickly take care of it. Water damaged drywall usually looks soft and discolored. You’ll probably have to contact a specialist to fix your walls if the water damage is extremely widespread. On the other hand, if the water damage is contained and only affects a tiny spot, you can perform a do-it-yourself repair.  

You need to replace the whole drywall section after you fix the leak that has caused the damage.  


You need to consider cracks as a very serious matter, especially when it comes to your drywall. It does not matter how tiny a crack might look, you shouldn’t neglect it. Sometimes, cracks grow and cause an onslaught of issues down the line. To start the repair, you should determine the cause first. Cracks in the drywall can be caused by humidity, seasons, or temperature changes. Also, it might be a more severe problem. This includes the deterioration of the framing and foundation settlement. You can repair the crack using a joint compound after you have figured out the level of severity and cause of the crack. For more extensive repairs, contact a professional.  

Nail Hole 

One of the most popular drywall repairs required is damage from nail holes. Whether you are simply rearranging your décor or moved into a new house, these unappealing nail holes will keep on taking away the area. To fix the damage, you’ll have to fill the holes. After filling it, sand the spot and repaint it. If you do a proper job, nobody will notice the damage.  

Door Handle Damage 

Usually, door holes in your drywall are caused by a door handle being slammed. Though it appears like it will be easy to prevent, it’s a very common occurrence in houses with kids. This form of the drywall damage is more severe. Thus, you might have to hire a professional for help. To prevent damages in the future, make sure you attach a door handle cover to soften the impact.  

Furniture Marks 

Furniture can often leave marks or scuffs when pressed up against the drywall for a long period. While these markings are frustrating and unappealing, they’re one of the simplest drywall repairs. On almost every occasion, these marks can be eliminated with a sponge that’s slightly damp. A fresh coat of paint will do the job if the marks are still noticeable.  


Ideal Way to Paint Ceilings 

For a lot of homeowners, painting is a simple home project that they can independently tackle, without needing the help of an expert. With the correct equipment and tools, it’s an excellent way to take on a DIY project. It often leads to a beautiful result for most people.  


However, what about the ceiling? How hard is it to paint it? Ceilings are more difficult to reach. They also require a different color. In addition to that, ceilings are often designed intricately. That’s why they need more planning and finesse before you can start painting them.  

If you don’t want to hire a painting company Fort Collins for help, here are several tips you can follow: 

Painting a High Ceiling 

If you’ve got a high ceiling, don’t worry. You can still paint it properly. This is particularly true if you follow the right instructions and use the right tools. A ladder will enable you to reach the desired height and finish the job. However, you’ve got to ensure you follow safety measures when doing it. 

Should You Paint the Ceilings or Walls First? 

You might be wondering what to paint first if you’re repainting the entire room and not just the ceiling. Should you paint the ceiling first or the walls? Almost every expert painter suggests that you paint first the ceiling. Also, use the same roller when painting the ceiling and wall. This will help you pick up how to evenly paint the surface.  

What Paint and Brushes Should You Utilize? 

Once you prepare your ceiling for painting, the next thing you’ve got to do is to shop and buy the tools. Your main tool will be a roller. Make sure it includes the tray. You’ll become efficient at using it with enough practice. In addition to that, practice will also enable you to learn how to paint the ceiling without roller marks. You’ll probably need an angled brush for the corners. They’re typically used in areas where the wall meets the ceiling. Angled brushes will enable you to cut in effectively without getting paint on the wall. A matte or flat acrylic paint is suggested when it comes to buying paint. Also, you should purchase drop cloths as well to protect your floors.  

Preparing the Ceiling for Painting 

When you want to paint your walls, you’ve got to do some preparation, right? Well, this can also be applied to your ceiling as well. Before you start, you’ve got to clean first the ceiling. Make sure you get rid of any dirt. Next, sand down the ceiling to ensure it is even. Also, this is an ideal time to tackle any problems of chipping paint or leaking ceilings. The reason for this is that you might have to do some additional work when it comes to preparing for painting. 

Painting may be a challenge at first. However, it is something that you can tackle on your own. If you still don’t know how to paint a ceiling, you can just hire a professional to do the job.  


How Frequent Should You Repaint Your Home’s Exterior? 

It isn’t always easy to get the ideal look for your house. It is difficult to consider repainting in just several years after you invest in high-quality exterior paint. Though high-quality paint can last for a long period, people who want to improve their curb appeal are going to have to repaint every couple of years.  


So, should you repaint your exterior? If so, when is the best time to repaint it? Today, we’re going to talk more about exterior painting and when to hire exterior painters Fort Collins to repaint your house. 

Tips for Exterior Home Painting 

You should try experimenting with unique paint colors if you really want to rest from old-school exterior house design concepts. Once you check the HOA and local regulations for approved colors, try to choose something you do not see every day. When it comes to the details of your house, try using a yellow, pink, or bright teal paint color. Though these bright exterior home paint colors do not have to be the center of attention, they could add a lot of personality to your house. 

Always remember that creating your dream exterior design can consume a lot of your time.  Looking for new design trends for your home’s exterior and applying the design can be time-consuming. Rather than having a hard time repainting your home every 5 years or so, hire a professional painting company. Aside from making sure you achieve a high-quality finished product, it also helps you keep your project on budget.  

Use Fresh Paint Coat to Cover Up Damage 

Though a couple of individuals paint their houses because of changes in design trends, some do so out of necessity. It’s probably time for a new coat of paint if you are seeing a lot of fading in a certain spot in your house. Aside from making your house appear better, it also helps protect metal, wood, and other key components from some sort of damage. You’re making your house susceptible to chipping, mildew, mold, rust, and other types of damage if you begin to neglect your exterior paint.  

Follow Through with Color Schemes 

People are often inspired to produce an overall color scheme or theme for their house. They might have a couple of painting concepts for the house, coordinating every room to complement a hidden theme. Your home’s exterior is what sets the stage for your scheme. It creates a first impression. You can help keep your color vibrant if you apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior every five years.  

Changes in Home Design Trends 

Without a doubt, things that were extremely common many years ago are not trending nowadays. This can also be applied to your exterior design. Paint styles and colors go out of fashion. It does not matter if you pick a neutral color. You’ll have to be ready to upgrade your paint colors regularly if you want the exterior of your house to be on par always with the rest of the houses in your community.